Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas on the plot

Twas 3 days before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a Maggie...because she was snoozing as usual on her on sofa and it looked wild cold outside.

After lunch we decided to go and do the Holiday ritual of gathering our own parsnips and leeks. I am not impressed with what the weatherman and woman on tv are saying about the coming days...warnings for 80mph winds and bitterly cold raininess. So today seemed the wisest option for a visit to a place where the wind would cut through you on a good day and the activity is all about mud.

It was an incredibly welcome surprise to find this when we drove down the main path...tarmac, blacktop, whatever you call it, we now have some real road!!! This has always been the worst area so I am glad they started here but other areas have lots more hardcore down as well... It was a great feeling not to be sliding all over the show when we got out of the car :) Hurrah to you Council people and thank you!!

A road! - Grow Our Own

Look it put us in a happy/silly mood...
Christmas kisses - Grow Our Own
Kiss chase
So here is the last shot of the plot before Christmas and all the madness and subsequent exhaustion the days bring. I wanted an overall shot in case it's the last of the year. With reminds me Happy Solstice!! The days are getting longer now :)
A24a, Winter 2014 - Grow Our Own

A sign of Spring....
Daffs poking through - Grow Our Own

This is what we came for - the parsnips. We have honey roasted and mashed (with carrot) at this time of year - I think parsnips are one of my all time favourites. This bed was well and truly double dug last year but we think there may have been a layer of manure that these young parsnips hit early on in their growing and thus they are swat and many legged...a bit of a disappointment but still edible. We were hoping for the usual gorgeousness seen in the long photo on the right but we (Andrew!) didn't thin them out either so it's our (Andrew's) fault. These are our usual 'tender and true' - they'll taste fabulous so who cares really...

Digging up the parsnips - Grow Our Own

washing parsnips in super cold water-butt water, bbrrr
We also came for leeks and were not disappointed even after an earlier attack of rust; there are many left too. They are beautiful as always and as I am intolerant to onion..we eat lots of these every week. Have you seen the price of them in a supermarket!
Freshly dug up leeks - Grow Our Own

Still come colour on the plots...who says the winter months are dead on the allotment?!
Chard, turnips etc - Grow Our Own

Brilliant garlic bulbs; best way to store them really
garlic stored in the shed

An action photo of Andrew for you, he was doing the 'really cold hands' dance and insisted I take a picture.
Andrew - Grow Our Own - cold hands dance

from Me xx
Carrie - Grow Our Own Christmas hugs
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  1. The plot's looking great, can't believe how wonderful those leaves look. And the leeks and parsnips will no doubt be delicious. I hope you both have a good Christmas and a really happy New Year. CJ xx

  2. love all the purples. Enjoy an extra portion of parsnips for me.

  3. Lovely shoots Carrie! Happy Christmas and a very Merry New Year!

  4. Brrr indeed, but it will have all worthwhile when you sit down to enjoy dinner.
    Merry Christmas! Flighty xx

  5. Great Christmas present - the tarmac - long overdue.

  6. Not only is the plot looking wonderful, but the pictures of the leeks, the garlic, and the parsnips looked yummy.

    But I must confess my favorite pictures were the ones of you and Andrew. I especially like the kissing one, but you do look very cute (and cold) in your shades of purple.

    Happy holidays to YOU and ANDREW:~)

  7. You have the most wonderful smile - and way with words. As for your allotment you put me to shame, I can't say I've been to mine in weeks - and then I didn't do any work!

    Anyway - the new year will bring a fresh start and longer days - and we will both recover our "balance"
    enjoy Christmas

  8. Good to see you smile! Great seeing the two of you simply being happy!
    Fat kis, Monique

  9. God, that makes me cringe with embarrassment: your plot looks so NEAT!!!!

  10. What a feast! I must pull my finger out and make an effort for next year. My allotment is hibernating at the moment.

  11. Looks like cold weather did not stop you from having a great time! And may I say - you look super cute smiling in that hat :))


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