Wednesday, 11 July 2012

nice pictures from me to you, with love xxx

I'd first off like to say a huge Thank You for the supportive and loving comments I received after my last post. I'm still not doing that good but I am a heck of a lot stronger. My weekend was a real disaster and as such I haven't anything I can talk off really but I do still have the beautiful images of our A24a plot that I had wanted to share in that previous post. So here they are and I hope you enjoy them, for me looking at them does give me a sense of hope and of beauty in the world.

Namasté sweet readers xxx

squash flower

rain washed apples

'Boltardy' beets

the rain splashed stamens of a poppy

Californian poppies really make me smile

one of my succulents about to flower

the very first time we've put straw around the strawberries :)



artichokes for Mamma

And a beautiful rose which I shall use to say thank you once more xxxxx

I have my doubts as to how much I'll have to share with you over the next while as I am still recovering and on Saturday I have a big craft fair to attend. I'll be doing a stall selling my photography so any news I have will be about that side of my life. If you are interested do check out my other blog ~


  1. What sweet, beautiful richness Mother Nature is giving you at your Plottie!!!!!!
    Carrie, you sweetest thing, I hope you are recovering well and I'm sending you ALL my love for the craft fair! I'll be thinking about you!!!!
    Kisses from Rhodes!

  2. Good luck with the stall - hope you sell loads!

  3. Be gentle with yourself xxx

  4. Great pics - envious of your beets, let alone everything else!

  5. Oh, I hope you do really well at the fair -- I so enjoy your plot photos. You have a lovely eye for details.

  6. Am loving the photo's of your plot. I'm very jealous, it looks so much better than mine at the mo. Good luck with the fair. I shall check out your other site. xx

  7. Lovely photos don`t raindrops add a certain something to the picture

  8. I just love your blog. :-) I have been reading for a while but I haven't posted. These pictures have made me smile and warmed my heart. You are very talented at taking pictures!! I started a garden blog but have been too busy to blog lately. But I still make time to check your blog every day or so.

    Thank you for blogging!! :-)

  9. oh good grief what lovely, friendly and supportive comments. I LOVE MY READERS! YOU ALL ROCK!
    Great day at the fair and I am overjoyed that my photograhy is now up on more walls and being posted around the world AND you lovely people have been enjoying it too. Hugs all round.

    Welcome Christy and thank you for commenting xx


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