Friday, 20 January 2012

oh yea, so there's that other half plot that needs de-shaming!


You think you're doing really well and in way you are, cause you are working your bum off and getting things into shape on 24a.  - "Just don't look over there, don't do it to yourself Carrie...14b belongs to you too!". Oh poo....

So when we started back into the pre-spring clear up I started with my big flower bed in 14b and did a rather good job. I've been over there once or twice since to over see the relocation of my gorgeous Oriental Poppy and a Rose but apart from that I have avoided eye contact, especially after I was needed to help move the cold frames and was tripping all over the place on the rubbish. Oh dear... It's so bad in fact that I'm not even going to show you the whole place, just the before and afters of the wee bit we did manage to fix...a bit.

Andrew was determined he was going to get some good cow manure for the Pumpkin patch and that he did. It took bloomin' forever as which each barrow load he simply had to stop and chat with our mate Bill for about an hour each time (okay slight exaggeration, I'll admit that). The patch did us proud this year but the only photo of our haul is on Andrew's mobile phone sorry. Anyway we thought that we were doing a good thing when we moved them all from Mamma G's house round to ours and stored them in the attic - NO, it turned out that up there was too warm or something and they got all fungus-y at the stem and we had to throw about half out. Please, I can't talk about it any more, the tears are prickling......

I decided enough was enough with the top corner. It was so bad that I even lost count of the number of trug-fulls of weeds I removed and to be honest in the end I was just tearing weeds out and dumping them on the ground to be collected up later.

We now have some currant bushes! and loads of gorgeously healthy Jerusalem Artichokes.

Now I beg you, do not look closely at these photos and don't mention the rest of the plot. We'll get to that all in good time *swoons at the thought* and yes I KNOW we need to get more bark mulch and the number has fallen off the sign.....stop looking at me like that, don't judge me! hahahahaha

Here's Maggie, let's focus of her zen like glory :)


  1. Great progress, you're getting loads done. Visited my new half plot the other day, covered in weeds and at least a 1/3 covered in previous owners veg which he is slowly clearing. I have some digging to do!

  2. What a smart little burgundy coat she wears!

  3. Don't worry you'll get there!
    As for the pumpkins - did you cut off a bit of stem each side of the pumpkin spur to form a T shape like in the photo on my blog here It is supposed to help prevent rotting at the stem as moisture doesn't or shouldn't collect in the fruit spur which can lead to rotting.

  4. Maggie looks like she's doing a fantastic job supervising your diligent work. I smiled when I thought of the hours it took to get the manure to your plot because of Andrew's friendliness :-)

  5. @Sue- we sure did cut the stem to leave a 'T'. The mould just started to grow on the surface of the stem and gradually spread. Must have jsut been too humid or warm where we were storing them, but they lasted a few months anyway- Andrew.

  6. It's alright.... garden isn't supposed to be complete.

  7. As I'm not a gardener, I never thought I would enjoy reading about someone working a garden, but I do love reading about yours:~)

    I imagine my hand in the dirt, pulling the weeds, the feeling when they release their hold and I can move on. It must be a very satisfying feeling, even if it gets frustrating at times.

    What on earth are Jerusalem Artichokes? Have you put up pictures of them at your site? If so, direct me to the link.

    Maggie looks good in red. Red not an easy color to wear, but she does it very well:~)

    Have a good day!

  8. @SARA - Jersaluem Artichokes petal xxxx

  9. We are resuming Veg growing this year after several years break. Wrapped our breakfast in tin foil and ate it an hour later after making a start on digging over the beds. Nothing quite like doing a bit of hard work and then sitting down to some breakfast on a bench overlooking a pond with a robin for company. I love your blog, as it captures that same joy we feel. Keep up the hard work!

  10. So that's what Jerusalem Artichokes look like, eh? I was expecting a bunch of veggies wailing at a wall, but they're really a lot more reserved than that, aren't they? I learn something every time I come here, Carrie! :-p


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