What's growing 2017

It's a year of choosing to give up on plot 14b and a previously agreed need to let this be a more fallow year on 24a has lead to a much reduced amount of planting and thus produce. After 9 years there is a lot of refurbishment of wooden edging, fences, paths etc so we are busy with other things on the plot. Still..


*  Broad Bean  Aquadulce Claudia
*  Beetroot  Boltardy
*  Carrot  Early Nantes 5 (germinating disaster)
*  Courgette  Zucchini  (germinating disaster)
*  French Beans (Dwarf) Bortlotto
*  French Beans (Climbing) Cobra
*  Garlic  Solent Wight
*  Leek  Musselburgh
*  Lettuce  Mixed Spicy Leaf
*  Parsnip Tender and True (germinating disaster)
*  Rhubarb
*  Spring Onion White Lisbon
*  Sweetcorn (f1 Swift)
*  Squash (Uchiki Kuri)

*  Sharp's Express

*  Apple  Ecklin Ville
*  Blueberry
*  Red Gooseberries


*  French Marigolds (mixed)

*  Geum  Mrs J Bradshaw
*  Rose  Silver Jubilee

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